Creating a Project

Projects contain a group of related assets (dashboards, datasets, forms, & models) that can be shared all at once with your collaborators and viewers.

You can create as many projects as you need.

To create one, click the “create project” button on the projects page. If you don’t see this button, your account has not been allowed to create new projects.

Give your project a name - this can always be changed later. If you’d like, you can share the project with others now by clicking on “Members” in the menu for that project. Or, you can click on the project to work on its contents before you share it with others.

If you have navigated inside the project, you can also access its settings at any time from the project menu next to the home button on the top left.

Sharing a Project

To edit the members of a project, open the project menu and click the “Members” section. You can also quickly see the current members from the menu.

Each member can have different levels of access to the project and its assets. Most of the time, you will want to choose one of the preset roles such as “Contributor”, “Viewer” or “Full Access”.

You can also give several users the same role at once when first sharing the project with them.

If you want more control over what a user can do, you can manage access to each type of asset for each user. This is done by expanding the settings button next to the role dropdown.

If you want to remove someone’s access to a project, this can be done using the menu on the right side of their permission settings.

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