Our Mission

To build Augmented Intelligence solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and master their domain using less time, space, and energy.

Our Values

Whatever we do, these are the principles that guide our decisions.

First Principles

Start with the first principles. Solve complex problems by breaking them into the simplest possible components.

Lower Entropy

In a world of increasing entropy -uncertainty and disorder - solutions which lower entropy allow people to think freely.

Fail Fast

To innovate is to experience failure. When we fail, we fail fast - ready to take what we've learned to the next problem.

Our Team

AI runs on human intelligence.

Robert Mereau

Partner - Business

Peter Guo

Partner - Algorithms

Tim Pressey

Full Stack Developer

Jack Williams

Head of Operations

Nikola Zjalic

Full Stack Developer

Corey Tan

Data Science Intern

Sarah Mihuc

Full Stack Developer

Dalton Okechukwu

Full Stack Developer

Bryce Howes

Data Scientist

Britta Jorgenson

Full Stack Developer

Joel Merrifield

Marketing Associate

Shounak Ray

Data Science Intern

Work at White Whale

Our company is as strong as the team that builds it. We have a creative and diverse workplace that encourages employees to speak up, challenge the status quo and make an impact on the world.

Engaging Problems to Solve

We solve problems that matter. Innovation happens when you're always willing to tackle what was once impossible.

Express Yourself

We believe people are at their best when they can express themselves, and work on something that inspires them.

Culture of Collaboration

Our ability to work together is our secret sauce. Each 'Astronaut' is dependent on the unique skills of the others.


Apply to White Whale

Open Position

DevOps Specialist

White Whale is looking for an experienced DevOps Specialist with an eagerness to follow best practices, and a desire to apply their skills in the fields of DevOps, infrastructure and backend development.

Ongoing Search

Talented Individuals

Don't see anything that fits in the open positions? We're always looking for talented individuals in the fields of software, data science, business, and design. Send us an application and we'll keep you in mind.