Our History

Pete and Rob in an airplane

In 2015, we embarked on a mission to explore the missing link between the world of analytics and business technology.

Jack representing white Whale at a conference

Since leaving the launchpad, our growing team built and deployed our own

AI platform

in early 2018, to enhance decision-making and reduce entropy for businesses.

Rob & Pete contemplating by a white board.

To this day, we’ve helped solve hundreds of problems and provided countless insights in a wide range of industries.


Our Mission:

We empower businesses to make data-driven decisions and master their domain using less time, space, and energy.

Our Values

Whatever we do, these are the principles that guide our decisions.

first principles
First Principles

Start with the first principles. Solve complex problems by breaking them into the simplest possible components.

reducing entropy
Lower Entropy

In a world of increasing uncertainty and disorder, solutions which lower entropy allow people to think freely.

warning sign
Fail Fast

To innovate is to experience failure. When we fail, we fail fast—ready to take what we've learned to the next problem.

team of people

Our Culture

Since the early days, we’ve envisioned a future where the White Whale team and everyone in our orbit is empowered and inspired to push for human creativity and collaboration.

When you join White Whale, you’re joining a team of astronauts on a critical mission to explore the world of data, uncover hidden insights and make previously impossible feats possible.

Our highly aligned, loosely coupled approach empowers each team member to learn, grow, and shape their own expertise in an encouraging and productive environment.

We balance our energized approach by decompressing with frequent team events (such as lunches, hikes, and creative Fridays), allowing us to function as a relaxed, focused, and close-knit crew.

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