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Optimize, forecast, and identify issues with energy assets.
Type Curves in DeepSea

Type curves (calculated uniquely for each well) in our own AI platform,



With the implementation of DeepSea,

steam use is down 10%

, and we have seen these results sustained over a year, which gave us a lot of confidence to expand our use of White Whale’s technology…”

Glen McCrimmon,
Chief of Innovation at Husky Energy

Use Cases

These approaches can be deployed across conventional and unconventional production environments, including fracking and SAG-D.

Resource Optimization

Simulate all possible production scenarios at the field and well-level, then generate recommended setpoints to achieve your optimal outcome.

Asset Forecasting

Provide a comprehensive short and long-term forecasting tool for all your reservoir variables, helping your organization stay prepared for the future.

Anomaly Detection
Anomaly Detection

Discover and detect unique insights in your production data, saving on costs and preventing operational downtime.

Case Studies: