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We empower businesses to turn their data into insights with AI Analytics.

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Our software helps you unveil hidden insights in your data. Understand past patterns, so you can adapt for the future.


Simplify your forecasting using integrated AI to predict key outcomes. See opportunities and problems before they occur.


Use AI to simulate thousands of potential scenarios. Find the strategies which make the best use of your resources.

AI Solutions for Any Problem

Mechanical failure prediction Automated Stress Testing Cyber Attribution Draft Pick Recommendations Dynamic Threat Classification Financial forecasting Anomaly Detection Predictive Maintenance Game Simulation Well Optimization Resource Allocation Lineup Optimization Player Rankings Event Scheduling Diagnostic Analysis Membership Retention Synthetic Bank Simulation Route Optimization Security Analysis Production Optimization

Built on a Robust
Scientific Background

With a background in physics and graph theory, we have the experience needed to build scientifically rigorous models.

Tested in a Wide
Range of Industries

Our AI solutions have been used to tackle problems in industries ranging from defense to health and wellness.

Designed for Rapid
Iteration & Deployment

We work with businesses to develop accurate and functional prototypes in a matter of weeks, not months.

Our Product


The end-to-end platform for turning data into insights.

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DeepSea SoftwareLaptop Mockup

Our Process

Less Waiting For Results


1-2 Meetings

Initial Consultation

We meet with you to understand your data and the challenges with your business. You provide data to build prototype models.


2-4 Weeks

Prototype & Testing

We prepare a working prototype of any AI models which will be used on your data and demonstrate its capabilities.


1 Week


We integrate models into the DeepSea platform, and provide training and support for those using the platform.


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