Transform your Python functions into scalable data apps, using a simple drag-and-drop UI.

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code from Dehao's iris classifier app
deepsea dashboard

How it Works:

1. Upload your code.

When you import Python code, we build a unique virtual environment to run it, accounting for dependencies and CPU scaling.

2. Set up model inputs.

Design custom input fields for your functions’ parameters, allowing anyone to run them with their own configurations.

3. Design an interactive dashboard.

Create interactive visualizations, such as charts, KPIs, and tables—to display your functions’ output data however you see fit.

Why Choose DeepSea?

uploading python code to DeepSea

The quickest path from Python to production.

We make deployment easy—giving your code unique virtual environments with CPU scaling, UI, & dependencies taken care of.

Settings to edit project members in DeepSea

Securely share & collaborate with anyone.

Create accounts & manage permissions for viewers, collaborators, and anything in-between.

Custom UI to run code in DeepSea

Make your code accessible, with a user-friendly custom UI.

Let anyone, from data scientists to dating coaches, run to your code with custom input values.

UI to create charts in DeepSea

Create beautiful visualizations, using a simple drag & drop interface.

Anyone can visualize data in DeepSea, without taking courses or reading through endless documentation.

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