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Real Estate Demand Curve Dashboard

Rental Price Optimization (for total revenue) in our own AI platform,



Boardwalk REIT has partnered with White Whale since early 2020 and together are re-inventing the way Boardwalk utilizes our data. With the help of their team and their platform, DeepSea, we’ve been able to more clearly look at vast quantities of data and

make quicker, smarter, data-driven decisions

 in order to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.”

Sam Kolias,
CEO and Chairman of Boardwalk REIT



These approaches can translate to leasing, selling, or investing in commercial and residential real estate.

Pricing Optimization

We evaluate historical data and consider a wide array of contingent factors to make optimal pricing recommendations.

Opportunity Indentification

Generate a list of properties with the greatest potential revenue gain and capitalize on profitable opportunities in seconds.

Target Variable
Target Variable Optimization

The point of focus can be adjusted to optimize any variable of interest, from lead generation to occupancy and everything in between.

Our Process

Following an initial consultation (1-2 meetings), we'll develop a rapid prototype of the AI models used in your project.

After validating the solution, we'll provide training and support for you to further explore the results in our own platform,



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