Intelligent analytics for health, wellness, and social clubs.

Your facility is a hub for well-being and social connection. It’s a place where people strive for improvements and fulfillments. Whether it’s big moments, life moments, or just little every day moments, you want to be a part of their lives. You are their home away from home— and they’ve put you in charge.

Working closely with industry-leading organizations, we’ve developed an analytics software that solves the most critical business challenges. Whether your association is small, large, public, or private— we can help you unify your data workflows, find clarity, and craft the ideal experience for your members.

We connect the dots between People, Activity, Space, and Time.

Managing a facility as dynamic and complex as yours is no easy task. But we believe a deep understanding of the interactions between people, activity, space, and time can bring clarity to numerous macro and micro business decisions every day. We believe this clarity can be found in the data you have.


Providing good service starts by knowing the people you are serving…

Exploratory Questions:

• Who are your members?
• Who are your most and least engaged members?
• What are people doing, eating, and buying?
• How can their membership experience be improved?

An outstanding club experience means delivering a wide range of options and activities.

Exploratory Questions:

• How do people interact with the club?
• What programs are popular for each group?
• What are people eating and buying?
• What should you have on the menu?

Bring the ideal “home away from home” experience—if you build it, they will come.

Exploratory Questions:

• How are the spaces being utilized?
• What are their utilization rates?
• How should the spaces be used?
• How can you reduce congestion throughout the club?

Your club is dynamic, time is the constant that puts everything in context.

Exploratory Questions:

• When are you the busiest?
• How frequently do your members visit?
• How long do they spend?
• How do your stats compare historically?

Club management, evolved.

We centralize all of your data in one place to provide a macroscopic view of your club, using sources such as Jonas, Northstar, ActiveNet, GameTime, and more…

data sources fed into our platform
dashboards in our platfrom, DeepSea

Let's get to know each other.

We are a bunch of data enthusiasts who are obsessed with wellness, design, and user experience. We’ve spent quite a bit of time inside your facilities and talking to General Managers.

We know what it’s like to be pulled by a handful of stakeholders in different directions. We ride alongside you through the ebbs and flows of seasons and fads. We get it.

But don't take our word for it…

The information and insights produced by White Whale have revolutionized the way the YMCA looks at data and makes fundamental business decisions.

With the support from White Whale, we have adjusted business practices in a way that has allowed us to engage more people and ultimately increase our impact on health and wellness in the community.”

Shannon Doram,
CEO of YMCA Calgary

Use Cases

uploading python code to DeepSea

Automated Digital Reports

Provide up-to-date KPIs and dashboards for managers and Boards of Directors⁠—no more manual data entry and errors.

uploading python code to DeepSea

Curate the Membership Experience

Your top 20% most-engaged members make up 80% of your interactions. Let’s get to know them and make sure you have all the pieces to serve them well with personalized reccomendations.

uploading python code to DeepSea

Optimize Your Program Portfolio

Swimming classes full? Tennis courts overbooked? Perhaps we can restructure your portfolio, so more parents can get their kids into swimming and tennis without upsetting the majority.

uploading python code to DeepSea

Lower Your Cancellation Rate

We hate break ups. Slow break-ups are the worst and there’s almost nothing you can do once the “talk” happens. Engaging with these members in meaningful ways is the best way to reduce cancellation risk

uploading python code to DeepSea

Reduce Congestion

Schedule your programs in a way that gives your club the illusion of openness by diverting people away from high-traffic areas during peak hours. For instance, staggering certain class start/end times can result in a less congested changeroom.

Plan Your Workforce

Ensure you have adequate staff-to-member ratio throughout the day and week to service your members. Sounds simple, but it can save a lot of cost while delivering a better membership experience

And Even More…

If you have something else in mind, our in-house data scientists are happy to help make it happen.


Data and Statistics in Real-Time

All your club data, in one place. Trust a macroscopic view of what is happening inside your club - connecting the dots between space, time, people, and activities.

Automated Data Analysis

Provide up-to-date KPIs and comparisons for managers and Board of Directors - no more manual data entries, version tracking, and inconsistencies.

Beautiful Data Story

Enhance your data story-telling with beautifully composed and shareable formats. Tell your story using a dashboard, document, or report.

Sharing and Collaboration

With just a few clicks, you can share data insights with internal and external parties to generate meaningful dialogues.


Gone are the days of waiting around a report to export. We’ve been there. You need that data. Now.

Customized for You

Every club is different. We don’t just force your data into an existing template. We will work with you to craft your perfect data workflows.