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DeepSea for Data Science Consultants

Here at White Whale our team is constantly refining our product so that we provide the best experiences to all of our users. As such we’ve released a variety of new features so that consultants can manage, edit, and share their solutions in a stress free manner.  

Organization Settings

First, let’s start with the updated Organization Settings tab. When you, as the organization’s admin, first enter this screen you’ll be able to edit your organization’s name, type, and choose a profile picture. Other users will not be able to make these changes unless given admin permissions.

Creating Users

Once you’ve selected your preferred organization settings, now it’s time to add users. All you have to do is enter your chosen user’s name, email address, and choose their role from the dropdown menu. 

Once completed, your chosen user will receive an email from which they can access their account, and set up their password. 

Removing Users

Due to the nature of most companies, there will come a time when a user needs to be temporarily, or permanently removed from your organization, don’t fret, the process is as simple as 123. All that’s required is for you to click the 3 dots on the right hand side of the user and choose whichever option suits you best. 

This design works seamlessly with our updated projects section, from which you can select and edit the roles of the users within your organization(s). 

Login History

Tracking your login history, and the login history of users within your organization is a simple process. 

Personal Login History

First off, you’ll want to click your icon at the top right corner of the screen. From there you’ll want to select the account settings option from the dropdown menu. Afterwards, select the login history tab from the top of the screen.

Organization Login History

The process of checking your organization’s login history is extremely similar to checking your own. In the top right corner you’ll select the organization settings option from the dropdown menu. From there you’ll click the login history tab.

The 3 types of organizations


  • Consultant organizations are able to create client organizations, while viewing the client’s projects the same way that they’d view their own organizations projects. 


  • Client organizations are created & managed by the consultant. They have full access and editing privileges on their projects, but are unable to see the other organizations managed by the consultant organization.


  • Independent organizations are set up by White Whale , and handed off to the organization admin. These users are isolated from the other organizations, and all of their data and assets are kept siloed from all other projects. 

Creating a Client Organization

The process of creating a client organization has been streamlined to a few quick actions. Simply head to the client organizations tab, click the Create Client Organization button, enter the name of your client’s organization, and voila. If you’re looking to edit a client’s organization, the process is extremely similar to managing your own. All of the same dropdown options are available as with your own organization, the only difference is which button you click to access the client’s organization.


Let’s say that you’d like to transfer control of the project to your client, you’ll want to start by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. From there you’ll click on the Organization Settings tab. Afterwards you’ll go to the Projects tab, and find the project that you wish to transfer. From there you’ll click on the 3 dots on the right side of the tab. From the dropdown menu you can add users, make the dashboard public, as well as being able to transfer the project's underlying assets, or the project completely into the control of another organization. From this section you are also able to remove yourself, rename, and delete the project. 


By following the guide above you should be set up with the basics of managing your organization, as well as your clients. If you have any questions please refer to the Getting Started With DeepSea page, alternatively, you can send an email to and your question will be answered by a member of our team.

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