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Machine Learning At Your Fingertips With DeepSea's New Models UI

DeepSea was designed to bring data and machine learning models together in one interface, to be shared with users at all levels of technical experience. In this release, we’re introducing our interface to run and maintain custom code in DeepSea, and diving into the leaps the UI has made in functionality and intuitiveness. 

DeepSea's models interface allows users to upload their own Python functions, design an interface to run them, and display their output data on custom dashboards. This latest release has expanded on the existing design, to enhance the experience of adding custom code to DeepSea. Users at all levels of technical expertise can see and interact with every step of the process, feeling empowered to include machine learning and analytics in their workflows.

When creating a model, DeepSea walks you through selecting a Python function to run, and automatically detects model inputs from your source code.

With a dashboard UI preview panel on screen to guide you, you can configure each of the model inputs and determine how they will appear on your dashboard.

DeepSea can also preview your code, for greater transparency into what's going on behind the scenes.

The last step of creating a model is to run your model and preview or configure the datasets created from its return values. This will ensure that your model is working properly in DeepSea.

Once source code files have been installed to DeepSea, you can view the dependencies of the code and any models using it. This is a step in safeguarding against actions like deleting files or models upon which datasets and dashboards are built.

Even once source code has been installed and a model has been configured, things do not have to be set in stone. You can update your source code and model inputs/outputs freely in DeepSea, seamlessly keeping your work up to speed without having to rebuild any dashboards or model configuration.

DeepSea has long been an essential tool in the belts of White Whale data scientists. We’re excited to share it with you and see the amazing solutions you all create! 

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