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White Whale featured in IT World Canada

The White Whale team is honoured to be featured in IT World Canada, among Yogi Shultz's list of 10 Innovative Calgary IT startups. Yogi notes that Calgary is quickly becoming a tech hub in Canada, with increasing VC investments and 4 companies reaching billion dollar valuations in the last 2 years.

From Innovative Calgary information technology startups by Yogi Schulz, Written for IT World Canada:

White Whale has developed the DeepSea platform for managing and operating AI/ML applications.

Jack Williams,
Partner, Head of Operations

“Our clients like how DeepSea significantly shortens the elapsed time to actionable results,” says Jack Williams, Partner, Head of Operations at White Whale. “We make deployment and operation of AI/ML applications easy and repeatable.”

The platform features include functionality to:

  1. Upload and manage data.
  2. Import algorithms, typically written in Python and run them to create AI/ML models.
  3. Run AI/ML models to create actionable results.
  4. Build interactive dashboards to present results to audiences at all levels of technical expertise.
  5. Leverage the instant scaling capability of the AWS

White Whale is developing the DeepSea platform further to support a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. Until now, White Whale has been successful with their service model in which White Whale team builds the solution and the customer interacts with their finished AI/ML applications.

Cole Parry
Business Development Associate

“With the move to SaaS delivery model, our customers will self-serve and be less dependent on our team,” says Cole Parry, Business Development Associate at White Whale. “They can then connect to data, run the solution and view sharable interactive dashboards.”

White Whale has delivered AI/ML applications in multiple industries, including:

  1. Upstream oil and natural gas producers where the competitive environment requires customers to squeeze more value from their data.
  2. Real estate to make quicker, smarter, data-driven decisions to adapt to changing market conditions.
  3. Sports where the Calgary Flames want to operate with transformative data analytics like professional baseball and basketball previously achieved.
  4. Not-for-profit organizations with innovative goals to improve engagement and service experiences for their community.

White Whale started in 2015, reached $1 million of revenue in 2020 and has continued to grow. To this point, White Whale development has been funded entirely from cash flow without VC backing. White Whale is currently in active discussions with multiple VCs and expects to close a Series A investment in the next few months.

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