Community Engagement

Elevating your community experience.

Concert Season Simulation Dashboard

A concert hall's 2022 season simulated in our own AI platform,



The information and insights produced by White Whale have

revolutionized the way the YMCA looks at data

and makes fundamental business decisions. With the support from White Whale, we have adjusted business practices in a way that has allowed us to engage more people and ultimately increase our impact on health and wellness in the community.”

Shannon Doram,
CEO of YMCA Calgary



We can apply these approaches to non-profits, venues, gyms, private clubs, and more.

Experience Personalization

By detecting patterns in customer data around purchasing habits and engagement, we uncover hidden insights and deliver a unique customer experience.

Program Optimization
Program Optimization

We discover the optimal relationship between resources, programs offered, and customer demand, increasing your retention and revenue.

Initiative Targeting

DeepSea is a tool to guide decision makers in developing strategies for targeted initiatives based on demographic, economic and other publicly available data.

Our Process

Following an initial consultation (1-2 meetings), we'll develop a rapid prototype of the AI models used in your project.

After validating the solution, we'll provide training and support for you to further explore the results in our own platform,



Our Process