Our Capabilities

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Member Simulator Dashboard for a Wellness Centre

A Membership Simulation for a Wellness Centre—in our own AI platform,



AI solutions for any problem.

Game Simulation

Well Optimization

Lineup Optimization

Player Rankings

Event Scheduling

Diagnostic Analysis

Synthetic Bank Simulation

Route Optimization

Security Analysis

Production Optimization

Mechanical Failure Prediction

Automated Stress Testing

Cyber Attribution

Draft Pick Recommendations

Dynamic Threat Classification

Financial Forecasting

Anomaly Detection

Predictive Maintenance


We've successfully deployed these approaches in a wide range of industries.

Anomaly Detection

DeepSea unveils hidden insights in your data and helps you understand the patterns of the past, so you can adapt for the future.


Simulate thousands of potential scenarios and immediately determine the optimal strategy for your business.


Identify opportunities and anticipate problems before they occur with DeepSea’s advanced forecasting capabilities.

The information and insights produced by White Whale have

revolutionized the way the YMCA looks at data

and makes fundamental business decisions. With the support from White Whale, we have adjusted business practices in a way that has allowed us to engage more people and ultimately increase our impact on health and wellness in the community.”

Shannon Doram,
CEO of YMCA Calgary