The end-to-end platform for turning data into insights.

AI Modeling


Data Ingestion

DeepSea gives everyone the ability to engage with complex data. With data ingestion, advanced AI modeling, and beautiful visualization in one place, insights can be found, shared, and acted on faster than ever before.

AI at Your Fingertips


Application Specific AI

Run tailor-made AI solutions in a single click. Use your own internal models, or have our data scientists build one for you.

Forget About Scaling Issues

Our algorithm service handles the load for you so you don't have to worry about the infrastructure around your models.

Instantly Useable Results

Outputs from models automatically connect to visualizations which can accessed from anywhere and updated in one click.

Beautiful Visualizations

Drag & Drop Dashboards

Dashboards with visualizations of multiple data sources and types can be created and customized in minutes.

No More Queries

A complex query engine sits behind the interface so you don't have to write a single SQL statement. Ever.

Visualizations From Models

Easily create visualizations which automatically respond to new data, including outputs from your models.

Intelligent Data Ingestion

Automated Workflow

Automatic feature detection and intelligent management of datatypes dramatically reduces manual ingestion work.

The Future Is Features

Data is more than a series of tables in a database. Our FeatureDB links data together like never before.

Ingest From Anywhere

Upload data from a CSV or connect DeepSea to a database and schedule regular data uploads.

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